Wildlife Conservation

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I am passionate about environmental issues and admire the work of conservationists and local communities they work with, to preserve wildlife and natural habitats across the world. I am happy to have had the support of various editors and news platforms  who’ve commissioned video news features and articles on wildlife and conservation issues from little

Reindeer Herders of the Mongolian Taiga


Mongolia: Reindeer Culture Hangs On in Far North It’s late summer and a chill wind blows through a tiny nomad camp in northern Mongolia’s permafrost forest. Reindeer tied up outside the canvas tepees grunt and paw the ground. “It might snow. They can smell it, so they’re excited,” explains Byunaa before scurrying back inside to

Ulaanbaatar’s Dwindling Russian Diaspora


  Mongolia: Russians Hang on Through Post-Soviet Change On a chilly morning recently, workers in Ulaanbaatar dislodged Mongolia’s last statue of Soviet founder Vladimir Lenin from the downtown plinth where it had stood since 1954. A small group watched as the city’s new mayor recalled the repression that marked the communists’ years in power and

Hazara Students Find Peace in Mongolia


Afghanistan’s Minority Hazara Students Find Peace in Ulaanbaatar Ulaanbaatar hardly registers as dream destination for study-abroad scholars. But for a handful of Afghan students, undergraduate scholarships to study in Mongolia’s capital city present a pragmatic alternative to life in war-torn Kabul. In the bustling canteen of Mongolia International University (MIU), 21-year-old Nasim Sahel, an ethnic Hazara