Georgia: Education for Employment

This was my first assignment in Georgia, commissioned by Czech NGO, People in Need (PIN). Rural poverty in Georgia has been leading many agricultural workers to give up on their farms and crowd into cities where jobs are just as scarce. PIN has been working on agricultural development and Technical Vocational Education and Training in rural regions to help revive Georgia’s once famous agricultural sector and wanted a video to communicate the opportunities in the agricultural sector and the need for a skilled labour force.

This video was part of a Facebook and local TV campaign to attract more youth from rural areas to consider TVET courses to help themselves and their families better manage their farms.

Apart from gaining intimate insight into the picturesque Georgian countryside of Imereti region, quite a bit of wine and laughter was sampled and shared in the making of this video. I look forward to producing more stories from this diverse and lovely country.

(Some still images from the video)

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